Stainless steel riveting removed from doors of new Toyota Prius car

Stainless steel riveting removed from doors of new Toyota Prius car

The stainless steel rivet bolts that hold doors closed can be replaced with stainless steel.

The problem with the metal is that it corrodes and corrodes quickly, and the bolts can easily break, leaving a crack in the door frame.

The rivets can also cause a rusting of the door.

Now Toyota is making changes to its Prius vehicles, including the removal of the rivets.

The company says the stainless steel bolt is no longer necessary, but the company is using it in its new Prius, the new Priusa, and other vehicles.

The removal of rivets means the door can be opened and closed without having to worry about a rust-prone door frame, Toyota said in a statement.

The metal is the only thing keeping the doors closed on the new cars.

“With the new design, the steel reinforcement on the door hinges will no longer be required, and will be replaced by a stainless steel reinforcement that is stronger and stronger,” the company said.

In other words, if you don’t need a rivet, you can skip the stainless rivet.

The new models are also equipped with an automatic air valve that lets the engine blow cool air in from the outside of the car.

The engine is also made of stainless steel, but this is not required.

It’s just an option that people have to choose.

In the meantime, the door is not the only part of the vehicle that can get rust.

The other part of a car is the bodywork.

The bodywork that goes into a car’s interior, such as the dash and the doors, is a tough material, but that also means it can be easily corroded, especially if it’s in poor condition.

If you look at older cars, the metal on the dash is usually stainless steel but that is no more, said Jim Toth, president of Toth Engineering, which is based in Indianapolis.

The new model of Prius is equipped with the same type of metal, but there is a stainless piece of stainless welded into the door frames, he said.

That stainless piece is not an option anymore, said Toth.

He said if you’re looking for a replacement for that piece of metal in your new car, you should look at the stainless door frame or the stainless-steel rivets, not the stainless metal.

Toth said the stainless piece may not be available in your local Subaru dealership.

But if you do find it, you will want to go ahead and do the job yourself.

The stainless rivets that hold the door closed can also be replaced, according to Toyota.

The company has not yet released an update on when those will be available.

The brand-new Prius was just unveiled on Thursday, and it has been the subject of a lot of media attention since it debuted in Japan last month.

The first model was unveiled in October and will go on sale this spring in Japan.

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