Stainless Steel Barbell Skewer

Stainless Steel Barbell Skewer

By Scott Boehm | ESPNcricinfo is proud to announce the launch of our first-ever Kickstarter campaign, and it’s to raise money for a brand new line of stainless steel skewERS that will be used in all of our products.

The Skewer line of skewERS features a combination of stainless and stainless steel and will be available in two sizes – stainless steel (8 oz) and stainless metal (8oz) – with a range of weights ranging from 8oz to 15lbs.

Each skewer comes complete with all the necessary tools and instructions for its use.

The steel skewer is a bit more complicated, as it has two sides.

The base side has a metal handle that holds the skewer securely in place while you place it on the table.

The bottom side has two stainless steel knobs, which are held together by four springs.

This lets you position the skeer without having to bend over or bend the handle.

Each side of the skewers base features a pair of stainless knobs on each side.

These knobs can be locked together with four springs, allowing the skeeder to rotate at will.

The skewer can be rotated up and down with a thumbscrew or the handle can be slid out of the way and rotated back in with a small thumbscrow.

The skewer itself comes with a baseplate that holds all the components together.

The knobs and springs are attached to a central spring, which allows for easy and safe operation.

The metal knobs are attached by two springs, which can be turned or pushed together to lock the knobs together or out of alignment.

The knob can also be pulled apart to change the angle of the skewers baseplate.

The stainless steel skeers are available in the following weights: 8oz stainless steel: 6lbs, 15lbs stainless metal: 8lbs, 12lbs The stainless steel Skewer is also available in an 8oz version and a 15lb version.

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