‘Black Mirror’ to return in 2017 and beyond, with new season set to premiere on May 19

‘Black Mirror’ to return in 2017 and beyond, with new season set to premiere on May 19

It’s the end of an era.

After eight seasons of the British sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror, the BBC has decided to end it.

In a statement posted to its official Facebook page, the broadcaster said that the popular series will return in 2018 with a new season that will premiere on June 7.

In the meantime, Black Mirror fans will have to wait a little longer for the series to return.

“Black Mirror” returns in 2018, but in the meantime will be on hiatus for a time until May.

In this case, the show’s writer and director Charlie Brooker announced via Twitter on Saturday that the series will be taking a break.

“The Black Mirror is taking a hiatus for the next two weeks and we’re going to be writing new stuff for the rest of the year,” he wrote.

“There’s a new episode coming up on May 7 and we’ll be back soon.”

The series was first broadcast on British TV in 2014.

It follows the lives of a young couple living in the year 2025, where the world’s problems are constantly changing and society is in turmoil.

In order to cope with the rapid changes, they make a pact to make new friends and build a new life together.

However, their new friend’s boyfriend is obsessed with the occult, and their new life becomes increasingly violent.

Black Mirror has been watched by millions of viewers on BBC One and ITV.

The series has also been adapted into several films and a TV series.

The BBC said that it was working on a new Black Mirror movie that would air sometime in 2018.

“This is a sad day for us and a very sad day at the BBC,” Brooker said.

“I know it is a difficult decision to make, but we’re working on it.”

A Netflix rep told EW that the streaming service was “working closely with the BBC to find a way to keep Black Mirror coming.”

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