A review of the stainless steel backspacer for the 5.11.3 LS

A review of the stainless steel backspacer for the 5.11.3 LS

The stainless steel side of the 5th Gen LS sedan has been the subject of much debate.

In the end, we’re glad to see it finally getting the treatment it deserves.

At the same time, there’s no doubt that the 5 Series’ front-end styling has evolved to the point where it’s now much more than just a conventional sedan.

The 5th gen sedan has seen its fair share of styling changes over the past couple of years, from an all-new front fascia to a rear fascia redesign that’s now made its way to the coupe.

That rear fascium redesign was also made possible with a pair of lightweight aluminum alloy rear diffusers that look like they could take on the same challenges as the new rear wing and tailgate.

We got a chance to take a closer look at the rear diffuser, as well as the front bumper, and we found a couple of interesting facts about the design.

The front bumper on the 5S looks pretty solid and has no apparent flaws.

The back bumper is a bit thicker than that of the coupoletas, though, so we’re not sure what it would look like on the sedan.

The diffuser also looks solid and solid-looking.

The bumper looks a bit like the rear bumper of the 2015 5 Series coupe, though the rear spoiler is smaller and less prominent.

The front bumper looks like it would be a better choice for the rear of a coupe than a sedan, but it does have a slight diffuser effect that’s not noticeable.

The rear bumper on a coupla looks a lot more angular, though it’s more pronounced in comparison to the front.

The rear spoiler looks like a large metal plate that covers the entire bumper.

The exhaust tips are not very large, but the front and rear exhaust tips have the same volume of air as the bumper.

As you can see in the picture, the bumper and diffuser share the same air intake and exhaust port.

This is very nice for front-mounted cars.

The side skirts on the bumper are a bit lower than on the couplas.

This may be a compromise between the front skirt and the rear skirt, but we’d guess it’s to accommodate the bumper height.

The underside of the bumper has been trimmed to match the width of the car.

The side skirts are also thinner.

The headlights are much more visible and they are now all black.

The new LED headlamps have been a big improvement over the previous model, and they’re brighter than the previous LED headlight units.

There is no longer a spot on the top of the headlamp housing that can’t be moved.

The grille has also been completely replaced with a black grille cover, and there is now a silver-colored grille plate on the left side of each grille.

The back bumper has a different design than the front of the sedan, with a slightly different height on the diffuser.

It also now has a lower-profile side window and a wider side window than the coupleras.

The chrome grill on the rear end has been replaced with plastic plastic for better cooling.

The diffuser and bumper diffuser have a lot of overlap, though.

There’s an overall diffuser area that extends from the top edge of the diffusing unit to the back of the bumpers.

We’re not certain how much of this overlap is due to the rear fascias, though that would make a lot to do with the diffusers design.

The new bumper has some significant overlap with the front fascias.

As with the previous models, the 5s’ doors are now painted in the same black color as the car’s body.

The door trim is painted in a light-colored material that’s very similar to the cars original bumper.

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